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Stevn Bartley


Stevn Bartley is the founder and President of Gray Wolf I.T. Stevn lives and breathes technology. Most days you can find him knee deep in a server rack, or in front of his array of monitor's working hard on solutions for our customers. During his rare breaks, he enjoys spending time with his sons, camping, fishing, and reading, but he always has a computer nearby.

Debbie Bartley


Debbie Bartley is a retired teacher turned office manager. After 30 years in education, she left to help Stevn turn Gray Wolf I.T. into the company of his dreams. When she's not making coffee, copies, or cleaning up after the guys, you can find her spending time with her family, shopping, camping, and  kayaking. 

Steve Hepler

Technical Services Manager

Otherwise known as "Lil Steve" or "Hepler", Steve joined the Gray Wolf team in 2017 with a background in wireless infrastructure. He enjoys the challenges that come with troubleshooting and designing a network and loves coming up with creative solutions for unique needs. His days off he can be found on the boat with family and friends or melting faces with his guitar.

Jarred Cupps

Field Service Technician

The newest member of the Gray Wolf team, Jarred signed on with Gray Wolf in 2022. Jarred can typically be found on ladders aiming cameras or grabbing things off the top shelf for the rest of the team. Jarred enjoys playing softball on nights when he's not jumping through rafters for the company or spending time with his wife.

Jingle was the head of the wolf pack. She was a half Doxen/Lhasa Apso that stole everyone's hearts. We will miss her forever, and still make her memory a part of our daily lives.

Chewie is one of the newest members of the Wolf Pack. He was rescued from a puppy mill, and has quickly become the Alpha male. All 8 lbs. of him. Chewie loves to play, be on your lap, and will eventually learn to pilot the Millenium Falcon!

Dobby is another new member of the Wolf Pack. He too was rescued from a puppy mill. All Dobby wants to do is play, especially with a sock. Dobby loves socks because the master presented him with clothes, and now Dobby is freeeeeee!

Lincoln is a fun-loving ball of energy who enjoys nothing more than swimming and chasing a Frisbee. When Steve H is out of the office, Lincoln is always happy to fill in and answer support calls on his behalf.









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