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Stevn and Tahoe - 1992

Stevn received his first computer from his Grandpa, a Radio Shack Model 1 when he was 12 years old. He took it home, promptly tore it apart to see what made it work, and then successfully put it back together again. Not much has changed since then, he still loves to dig deep into technology, make it work better, faster, and more reliably, and then put it all back together in a way that works best for the customer. Stevn's first love was not computers, however, but a strong desire to serve his community and his country.  First he worked as a police cadet for Bend City Police, and then enlisted in the United States Air Force as a Law Enforcement Officer. An injury in Desert Storm, Stevn left the Air Force and returned to Central Oregon where he went to work as a Reserve Sheriff's officer for Deschutes County.  Due to the injury sustained in Desert Storm, Stevn was unable to continue his work in law enforcement and so he turned his computer hobby into a career. While Stevn was working as an I.T. Director for a software company, he started a side business repairing computers for small to mid-size companies. He named the business 'Gray Wolf I.T.',  after a wolf he rescued while in the service, a fifth-generation domesticated Timberwolf named Tahoe. Gray Wolf I.T. continues to honor the memory of Tahoe by supporting local wolf rescues and sponsoring local wildlife organizations that help wolves thrive and return to the wild. 
After many years of splitting time between his two jobs, and his wife and kids, Steve decided to chase his dream of self-employment.  Stevn's desire to grow the business into something more meant that break-fix repairs were a thing of the past, and offering managed services to our customers would allow Gray Wolf I.T. to offer the best services, best practices, and most affordable options to our customers. His wife Debbie left many years of teaching to help build the company into what it is today.  You will find Stevn's deep-seated need to support, serve, and cooperate with the community intertwined into every interaction with his customers. He truly loves what he does every day, especially if it involves taking a computer apart.   

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